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8 (Sometimes more)


1 in 36 Mortehoe and Woolacombe Station


Merchant Navy

The Devon Belle was a train that ran from London Waterloo Station to Plymouth Railway Station


The Devon Belle became operational on June 20th 1947 because southern railways wanted to encourage the resumption of normal leisure activities after the war. With it's full train of Pullman Carriges (UK) the Devon Belle set a standard for luxury and comfort.Two unusual features of the train were that all seats were reservable (not a common facility at the time) and the Observation car, attached at the rear for the benefit of passengers to and from Ilfracombe.

Stock usedEdit


The locomotive used was usally a Merchant Navy Class.

Coaches and CarrigesEdit

The normal formation was for four carriages to form the Plymouth portion, and eight to form the Ilfracombe portion, although longer trains were sometimes needed.

Observation CarEdit

ere used on the service. They were numbered 13 and 14, and both had started life as other vehicles and where converted to Pullmans in later life. Both carriges are now preserved No.14 went on a tour with the Flying Scotsman (A3 Class) to USA and was returned later than expect due to difficulties. No.13 is still in revenue-earning service, working on the Paddington and Dartmouth Steam Railway