Sandy River No.24
24 on Shed (© Roger Loxley 2002.)


May 1919





Water Capacity

2,000 gallons

Coal Capacity

3 tons

Sandy River No.24 was a 2 foot gauged locomotive built for the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad


Built at the Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philidelphia in the May of 1919 she was numbered 51803 at the works, during building baldwin made an error and the tender was built much to wide this was noticed as she first entered service at the Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad. The tender was a hazard as if you did not have enough water on board it would start to slosh from side to side on numerous ocasions causing problems. On July 10th 1919 the tender completley derailed and caused the trestle bridge to collapse most of the pulpwood cars were completley destroyed but fortuently the crew managed to gte by with only a few injuries.

She was soon repaired and the tender was cut down to size so that she could run propely up until 1935 when the railway closed and she was sold to a rail fan for $250 but unfortuently he scrapped her some years later.