Poppy Line


10.5 mile round trip





The North Norfolk Railway (otherwise known as the Poppy Line) is a preserved railway in, as the name sugests, North Norfolk. The heritage railway runs between Sheringham and Holt.


The Railway was rebuilt by voulenteers in 1965 and on 4th June two years later a pair of steam locomotives where delivered.The station building at Holt was originally built at Stalham in 1883 and in 2002 was moved, brick by brick, to be re-erected in its current location at Holt.


Locomotive Status Livery Notes
B12 4-6-0 - 61572 Undergoing Major Overhaul BR Black
J15 0-6-0 - 65462 In Service BR Black
N7 0-6-2T - 69621 Off Site BR Black On loan to East Anglian Railway Mueseum

WD 2-10-0 - 90775

Stored Out of Service BR Black
Y7 0-4-0T - 985 Off Site

BR Black

On long term loan to Beamish Mueseum

0-6-0ST - 1982 Ring Haw

In Service Green
0-6-0ST - 1700 Wissington Undergoing Restoration Green

Diesel LocomotivesEdit

Locomotive Status Livery Notes
Class 25 - 25057 In Service BR Blue
Class 31 - 31207 Undergoing Repairs Grey
Class 37 - D6732 Undergoing Major Overhaul BR Green
Class 47 - 47367 In Service BR Blue
Class 101 DMU - 101681 In Service BR Green
Diesel Railbus - E79960 In Service BR Green
Diesel Railbus - E79963 Stored out of service BR Green
Leyland Experimental Vehicle - LEV1 In Service Yellow On long term loan from the York National Railway Museum.
Class 03 - D2051 Stored out of service Green
Class 03 - D2063 Undergoing repairs BR Blue
Class 04 - D2280 BR Black
Class 08 - D3935 Stored out of service BR Green
Class 08 - D3940 In Service BR Green
Class 11 - 12131 In Service BR Black
TRAMM - DR98801 In Service White and Blue

TV AppearencesEdit

The Railway was used in the filming of the famous Dad's Army TV Program on the episode entitled The Royal Train.