BR Class 52



Number Built


Top Speed

90 mph



The British Railways Class 52 is a class of diesel locomotives that operated on British Railways. They are sometimes refered to as 'Westerns'


The increasing demands for more powerful locomotives meant that a new class was needed so the 'Westerns' were designed. BR Western Region needed a high-powered locomotive for top-link services so they armed the warship with a Maybach MD655 engine and a Voith L630rV transmission. Unfortuently this was a bit of a mismatch so it resulted in the loco bearly reaching 90 mph.


73 Locomotives were built but only 7 of these onc great locomotives have survived through to preservation The original locomotives in the class are shown below with build dates and what happend to them after BR had finished with them

D1000 Western Enterprise BR Swindon 20.12.61 Scrapped 31.07.74 BREL Swindon
D1001 Western Pathfinder BR Swindon 12.02.62 Scrapped 08.77 BREL Swindon
D1002 Western Explorer BR Swindon 19.03.62 Scrapped 12.06.74 BREL Swindon
D1003 Western Pioneer BR Swindon 14.04.62 Scrapped 08.77 BREL Swindon
D1004 Western Crusader BR Swindon 12.05.62 Scrapped 19.09.74 BREL Swindon
D1005 Western Venturer BR Swindon 18.06.62 Scrapped 17.06.77 BREL Swindon
D1006 Western Stalwart BR Swindon 06.07.62 Scrapped 24.03.77 BREL Swindon
D1007 Western Talisman BR Swindon 01.08.62 Scrapped 24.02.75 BREL Swindon
D1008 Western Harrier BR Swindon 04.09.62 Scrapped 10.10.75 BREL Swindon
D1009 Western Invader BR Swindon 24.09.62 Scrapped 11.78 BREL Swindon
D1010 Western Campaigner BR Swindon 15.10.62 Withdrawn 28.02.77

Preserved by the Diesel & Electric Preservation Group

D1011 Western Thunderer BR Swindon 27.10.62 Scrapped 12.78 BREL Swindon
D1012 Western Firebrand BR Swindon 17.11.62 Scrapped 04.79 BREL Swindon
D1013 Western Ranger BR Swindon 13.12.62 Withdrawn 28.02.77

Preserved by the Western Locomotive Association

D1014 Western Leviathan BR Swindon 24.12.62 Scrapped 13.02.75 BREL Swindon
D1015 Western Champion BR Swindon 21.01.63 Withdrawn 04.01.77

Preserved by the Diesel Traction Group

D1016 Western Gladiator BR Swindon 16.02.63 Scrapped 08.77 BREL Swindon
D1017 Western Warrior BR Swindon 15.03.63 Scrapped 12.03.75 BREL Swindon
D1018 Western Buccaneer BR Swindon 02.04.63 Scrapped 20.03.74 BREL Swindon
D1019 Western Challenger BR Swindon 02.05.63 Scrapped 03.10.74 BREL Swindon
D1020 Western Hero BR Swindon 21.05.63 Scrapped 17.04.74 BREL Swindon
D1021 Western Cavalier BR Swindon 17.06.63 Scrapped 02.79 BREL Swindon
D1022 Western Sentinel BR Swindon 16.07.63 Scrapped 12.78 BREL Swindon
D1023 Western Fusilier BR Swindon 23.09.63 Withdrawn 28.02.77

Preserved as part of the national collection by the NRM

D1024 Western Huntsman BR Swindon 01.10.63 Scrapped 14.08.74 BREL Swindon
D1025 Western Guardsman BR Swindon 01.11.63 Scrapped 01.79 BREL Swindon
D1026 Western Centurion BR Swindon 24.12.63 Scrapped 06.08.76 BREL Swindon
D1027 Western Lancer BR Swindon 28.01.64 Scrapped 10.06.76 BREL Swindon
D1028 Western Hussar BR Swindon 25.02.64 Scrapped
D1029 Western Legionnaire BR Swindon 20.04.64 Scrapped 29.05.75 BREL Swindon
D1030 Western Musketeer BR Crewe 05.12.63 Scrapped 22.09.76 BREL Swindon
D1031 Western Rifleman BR Crewe 20.12.63 Scrapped 06.10.76 BREL Swindon
D1032 Western Marksman BR Crewe 31.12.63 Scrapped 05.12.74 BREL Swindon
D1033 Western Trooper BR Crewe 17.01.64 Scrapped 04.79 BREL Swindon
D1034 Western Dragoon BR Crewe 15.04.64 Scrapped 20.05.77 BREL Swindon
D1035 Western Yeoman BR Crewe 17.07.62 Scrapped 30.09.76 BREL Swindon
D1036 Western Emperor BR Crewe 29.08.62 Scrapped 24.02.77 BREL Swindon
D1037 Western Empress BR Crewe 31.08.62 Scrapped 16.02.77 BREL Swindon
D1038 Western Sovereign BR Crewe 07.09.62 Scrapped 20.11.74 BREL Swindon
D1039 Western King BR Crewe 07.09.62 Scrapped 05.09.74 BREL Swindon
D1040 Western Queen BR Crewe 20.09.62 Scrapped 11.08.76 BREL Swindon
D1041 Western Prince BR Crewe 10.10.62 Withdrawn 23.02.77

Preserved by the Bury Diesel Group

D1042 Western Princess BR Crewe 19.10.62 Scrapped 18.05.74 BREL Swindon
D1043 Western Duke BR Crewe 26.10.62 Scrapped 10.02.77 BREL Swindon
D1044 Western Duchess BR Crewe 12.11.62 Scrapped 10.09.75 BREL Swindon
D1045 Western Viscount BR Crewe 16.11.62 Scrapped 21.08.75 BREL Swindon
D1046 Western Marquis BR Crewe 24.12.62 Scrapped 10.11.76 BREL Swindon
D1047 Western Lord BR Crewe 04.02.63 Scrapped 09.09.76 BREL Swindon
D1048 Western Lady BR Crewe 15.12.62 Withdrawn 28.02.77

Preserved by the Midland Diesel Group [6]

D1049 Western Monarch BR Crewe 14.12.62 Scrapped 03.02.77 BREL Swindon
D1050 Western Ruler BR Crewe 01.01.63 Scrapped 08.04.76 BREL Swindon
D1051 Western Ambassador BR Crewe 21.01.63 Scrapped 08.77 BREL Swindon
D1052 Western Viceroy BR Crewe 04.02.63 Scrapped 22.04.76 BREL Swindon
D1053 Western Patriarch BR Crewe 11.02.63 Scrapped 08.77 BREL Swindon
D1054 Western Governor BR Crewe 02.03.63 Scrapped 05.77 BREL Swindon
D1055 Western Advocate BR Crewe 02.03.63 Scrapped 16.06.76 BREL Swindon
D1056 Western Sultan BR Crewe 08.03.63 Scrapped
D1057 Western Chieftain BR Crewe 06.04.63 Scrapped 06.77 BREL Swindon
D1058 Western Nobleman BR Crewe 25.03.63 Scrapped
D1059 Western Empire BR Crewe 06.04.63 Scrapped 21.07.76 BREL Swindon
D1060 Western Dominion BR Crewe 11.04.63 Scrapped 03.07.74 BREL Swindon
D1061 Western Envoy BR Crewe 19.04.63 Scrapped 07.08.75 BREL Swindon
D1062 Western Courier BR Crewe 06.05.63 Withdrawn 22.08.74

Preserved by the Western Locomotive Association

D1063 Western Monitor BR Crewe 17.05.63 Scrapped 08.77 BREL Swindon
D1064 Western Regent BR Crewe 24.05.63 Scrapped 06.77 BREL Swindon
D1065 Western Consort BR Crewe 18.06.63 Scrapped 08.77 BREL Swindon
D1066 Western Prefect BR Crewe 14.06.63 Scrapped 21.05.75 BREL Swindon
D1067 Western Druid BR Crewe 18.07.63 Scrapped 16.09.76 BREL Swindon
D1068 Western Reliance BR Crewe 12.07.63 Scrapped 08.77 BREL Swindon
D1069 Western Vanguard BR Crewe 21.10.63 Scrapped 03.02.77 BREL Swindon
D1070 Western Gauntlet BR Crewe 28.10.63 Scrapped 05.79 BREL Swindon
D1071 Western Renown BR Crewe 07.11.63 Scrapped 11.78 BREL Swindon
D1072 Western Glory BR Crewe 07.11.63 Scrapped 04.04.77 BREL Swindon
D1073 Western Bulwark BR Crewe 03.12.63 Scrapped 01.08.75 BREL Swindon