01 Class
01 001 and 01 002 in shed Photo:Johndarm

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Andrew Barclay Sons & Co.

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4 Stroke Diesel

The British Rail Class 01 was a small diesel locomotive that was designed for working in area with tight curves and limited height clearence.


Four locomotives where originally built numbered 11503 - 11506, later in life they where renumbered to D2953 - D2956 and through all this time they had been stationed at Stratford. At this point a fifth locomotive of the 01 Class was introduced this was numbered 81 but then got renumbered D2956 after the original 01 Class bearing that number got withdrawn.

The locomotives were very versatile, despite having only 153 horsepower (114 kW) available, and were small enough to operate on any railway on the BR standard gauge network — except for the small problem that they were limited to 14¼ mph (22.8 km/h). For a fleet of just five locomotives, they were also very reliable, although Stratford Docks, where they originally worked, was not noted for creating very hard labour.

Two locomotives survived renumbered 01 001 and 01 002 only survived this far as they where the only two locomotives light enough to work at Holyhead breakwater 01 001 was not used after it 1973 but was used as spairs and repairs for 01 002. in 1979 01 001 was withdrawn and 01 002 followed in 1981. Both locomotives where cut up there and then.

Fortuently two locomotives survive the original D2956 by the East Lancashire Railway and D2953 by the Heritage Shunters Trust.